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  •  Style-no:C82.19.07.1000
  •  heat exchange area:21 m²
  •  test pressure:Inner tube 0.6MPa

Questions & Answers

Q3: I still doubt the authenticity, how can you prove that?

A: can provide shopping electronic invoices, commodity birth certificate, U.S. domestic logistics, international logistics information, and to domestic transport logistics information, and to honor, as we do not believe can only bypass.

Q2: 7 days can be returned?

A: tag complete product attributes to maintain as it can, of course, in addition to purchasing goods and underwear goods, the other can.

Q1: the boss you store goods fidelity?

A: to do so for a long time, encountered many such problems, suspected of buyers expressed their understanding, after all the outdoor stuff is very expensive, but here emphasize once again that all goods sold new authentic, even flaws Patagonia version irregular not proceed, the sale of goods from abroad formal outdoor sites, fake and a variety of single-class shopkeeper does not have that ability to go and get, are not interested to get, so buyers friends need not ask the owner of the goods sold the authenticity of the waste of time and a lot of trouble.

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